First blog post: Inspired by my beautiful friends…

A ditty about me;

Inspired by my beautiful friends
@amandaviviers & @amberkearns, I’ve finally taken the leap of faith & put my name out there.  I’ve decided to step out of the shadow of my business (etain) & use my own name.

My salon:
Don’t get me wrong I love what I’ve built with @etainskinandhair but it’s now time for not just my business to shine but for me too.

What we have at Etain has been built with our clients in mind as we always put them first & want to serve them with the best treatments & products that they’ve requested & so deserve.

I value what I have & am truly grateful that Etain is now into its 10th year & im looking forward to the next 10.

Now the business is at this point, I feel it’s time for me.

As for me….
My passion has always been natural, whole body health & lifestyle.  My background is complementary therapy & natural products & I love it all with a passion.
@amandaviviers said to me recently, you have the experience, knowledge & passion, you need to tell people this is what you do & this is who you are….

So where am I starting….
I’ve been really lucky as I know the most amazing women that I’ve been able to call my friend and even my mentor during parts of my life.  Knowing this amazing women has now enabled me to begin the next chapter of my career.

Jane Scrivner Skincare:
Janes own natural skincare products are a beautiful, luxury range using the most amazing ingredients that have been individually sourced by her & only tried & tested on humans.
As for every range I put my name behind, I’ve tried & tested it all & am loving the results I’ve seen so far.  I’m so excited that I can now share the range with you all.
I’ve recently got back from a trip to the UK where I spent some quality time with Jane at JSS headquarters.
During this time I had the pleasure of having the JSS signature facial & it blew me away.  Not only did my skin love the products, the underlying muscular structure got the most amazingly relaxing workout, leaving my face  beautifully plump.
I’m now so proud to say I am the only Jane Scrivner Skincare representative in Australia.

This is just one string to my bow & I look forward to sharing with you my knowledge & many other products, ideas & workshops that will be coming in 2018.