It’s time to “Embrace You”


Embrace (2)

Throughout 2018 I really want to continue the “Taking care of YOU” campaign, which was started during the lead up to Christmas.  There were treatments designed just for you & put together at Etain, to remind you all that you count too during the busy lead up to Christmas.

This campaign originally came about as 2017 was a tough year for many of us, me included.  This lead me to have to take a step back & seriously look at what was happening in my life.  On doing this I realised I couldn’t keep telling myself all was ok & just keep going the way I always do.

On taking the step back & surrounding myself with self-care & chatting to many other people of all ages, I realised I’m not the only one that gets to this point.

Therefore, in 2017, the “Taking care of YOU” campaign was born.

I now want to continue the campaign as it really sparked something in me, it has put my creative side on notice & got me coming up with many ideas that could not only be implemented at my salon in Perth but also in my home town of Mandurah & the surrounds.

I’m now more determined than ever to assist you all as much as I can to have a fun loving, easy going, less stressful, more mindful & healthy 2018.

As we are moving into a New Year the campaign needed a new name as it has grown & evolved into much more.

So for 2018 I give you “Embrace You”



My personal struggle

For me & many others owning a small business is one of the hardest things right now.  What you will find though is everyone that does own a small business is totally dedicated to making it work & even more dedicated to their staff & that means we all keep pushing through even in the hardest of times, without a thought for our own health or wellbeing.

This is me right now, I’ve struggled this year, really struggled.  I’m not saying I haven’t struggled in previous years just that this year has been by far the hardest.

The hardest on my relationships, my mental health, my general health & just my love for life & I hate that I’ve allowed this to happen.  That’s right, I’ve allowed this to happen.  Why would I say that, well, I say it as its totally how I see it for now & seeing what has happened in that way allows me to refocus & say, NO more am I going to let this go on.

I’m annoyed that I’ve let this year pass me by, I’m annoyed that I’ve been so consumed with guilt, frustration & perfectionism that I allowed those emotions to overtake my life with such force that I became swallowed up & broken.  This in turn left me unable to be a good friend, good boss, a good daughter, sister, wife & I truly, truly hate that I allowed this to happen.

I’m not saying that I’m completely free of these emotions & I know there will be days when I still shut myself away from the world but at least now I’ve admitted to myself that its happened & it may well happen in the future & that’s OK…

I’m now allowing myself to stop, take note, breathe & live slower & more mindful of ME.


The Campaign

So where does this fit in with the “Embrace YOU” campaign?

Well I think it fits perfectly, as I get to refocus my mind on what I love & find all these amazing people, places & things that can assist us all to look after ourselves, without the guilt we feel every time we put ourselves first.

One of the most important things for me to do is to find ways to take care of you.  I will do my best to plan, create & find things that will be financially viable for you all.  I want this campaign to be available for everyone, no matter your age or financial situation.

I hate the idea that any of us have to say no to a more stress free life just because we can’t justify spending on ourselves or we just can’t afford it that week.  This has stopped me on numerous occasions & I really feel by saying no when you need it the most, goes on to do the most damage to your mindset.

Let’s bring on 2018 & celebrate who we are now & how we want to grow…..