Back to Basics – Dry Body Brushing



Taking you right back to basics here, as the oldies are the goodies & this is one of the best & easiest forms of exfoliation.

Heard it all before, sure you have, but when was the last time you actually used your body brush?

Do you really know what this simple technique can do for your body?

Brush daily and you will see improvements in your skin texture, digestion, and general energy. You are brushing towards the heart where the majority of lymph nodes are, improving the lymphatic drainage to your whole system…… and a sluggish lymph system can be the cause of all sorts of common ailments and complaints. Dry skin brushing is also great when combined with any health program, it gets results, and quick, it’s very stimulating & very cleansing…Listening yet….

Dry brushing helps prevent premature ageing as the blood and oxygen supply to the whole body is stimulated and if you use one, the facial brush makes sure the face gets particular attention.

It’s a simple non-time-consuming part of your beauty regime, so follow the routine below & get brushing people!!

boss brush

Just Five Minutes

Five minutes a day to reduce cellulite, tone your skin, tone your body, develop a youthful glow, have loads more energy…..why wouldn’t you.

Having a Body brushing routine will boost your metabolism, circulation, stimulate lymph (the bodies waste disposal system) & exfoliate away all those dead skin cells, leaving your body smooth & pink.

Simply following this sequence every day will make a huge difference.

It’s simple and best carried out before your bath or shower in the mornings.

Go gently at first, as the brush may feel a little harsh but as your skin tones you can get firmer. Begin with light pressure and brush up the body from feet to head. If you can get your hands on one, use a face brush to work the décolleté, neck and face – this brush should be softer to use on the more delicate areas.

  • Use long strokes on both legs from toes to hips,
  • Brush arms from fingertips to shoulders.
  • Use gentle strokes around the stomach in clockwise circles,
  • Brush along and off the shoulders traveling from neck outwards.
  • Buttocks, circular movements are best or from hips into the centre – don’t twist your back too much.
  • Using the smaller brush, work gently down from the collarbone to the bust.
  • Work up the neck from collarbone to chin.
  • Work in gentle circles around the face – like you apply creams, don’t forget the forehead and behind the ears.
  • After a while, you can adjust your pressure, it should feel firm but fair.
  • Never brush over areas of broken skin or varicose veins – don’t forget the soles of your feet if you are not too ticklish and the back and palms of your hands.

Well done………..feeling beautiful yet?

Dry skin brushing is suitable for everyone unless they have broken skin, eczema or psoriasis.

What Next….

After your shower, why not choose a body oil to moisturise your whole body (my personal favourite is jojoba oil) & just watch as it soaks in your fresh, healthy, smooth skin.

I’ve been following this routine for many years as it was taught to me by Jane Scrivner a very good friend who lucky for me happens to be an amazing skin & body care superstar.

References: Jane Scrivner Skin Care (Body Brushing Technique)



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