Let your Skin Bloom this Spring…

Skincare Spring clean.

Yep, we’ve survived another wet & windy Winter & made it to Spring, YAY!!

The combination of cold, dry air and lack of sun has probably left your skin a little dull and lackluster.  Spring is the perfect time to clean out and refresh your skincare routine.

Make a fresh start

Now’s the time to thoroughly wash all those brushes and sponges (the ones you know you should wash every week, but very rarely do!).

Next, review your daily skincare routine. Is it working for you?

Many of us buy the same products, year after year, without really thinking. But what worked in your 20s isn’t necessarily going to be right for you in your 30s or 40s.

Ask yourself if the products you’re using are leaving you with clean, clear and soft skin? Or is it time to find new products better suited to your needs?

Finding the right skin care can be overwhelming.


Here are my top 4 beauty tips for transitioning your skincare routine for spring.

Deep Exfoliation

As you move from Winter to Spring, a deep exfoliation will help strip away these layers and reveal the new skin underneath.  Reach for your favorite face scrub & feel the layers strip away.  Need something deeper? Chemical peels, dermabrasion, and dermaplaning all remove outer layers of skin. Take advantage of a session with a qualified skincare therapist, they can talk you through the options available.


While we all know we should be wearing SPF year-round, on days when it’s raining, cold and there’s not a hint of sun in the sky we know how tempting it is to skip it.

But as the weather warms up, it’s time to bring the daily sunscreen back to your routine. Apply in the morning before heading out, then again at lunchtime before you take your break.  Make sure you get outside for that breath of fresh air & a little me time.

If you hate the feel of a heavy sunscreen, or just can’t be bothered with too much in the morning, look for a moisturiser that contains SPF. Alternately find a range of makeup which offers foundation, concealer, sun protection and active skin care benefits all-in-one.

hydrate 2


Staying properly hydrated is a great way to refresh your body, as it helps to flush out unwanted toxins. Fewer toxins in the body can encourage clearer glowing skin.  The winter months put our skin under a great amount of stress. Dry air, cold wind, heavy makeup and air pollution strips our skin of essential moisture. To prepare for spring it’s essential you look for products that pump moisture back in.

Look for products containing active ingredients, along with antioxidants to fight the signs of aging.

Little tip: Add a few cucumber slices to your water and sip throughout the day. The combo is refreshing, delicious and full of antioxidants!

Reach for something lighter

The warmer weather means that it’s time to switch to a lighter textured moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated. Thicker creams in hot weather tend to cause an overproduction of natural oils, which can lead to clogged pores, blemishes and a shiny complexion & we really don’t want any of those…


Just 4 little steps to Spring skin readiness.  However, if you are unsure of where to start, as finding the right skincare can be a little confusing. Take advantage of a session with a qualified skincare therapist they can help you find the right skincare products and routine to give you the skin you want.


Georgie has been a part of the beauty, spa and complementary therapy industry for over 15 years.  A qualified massage therapist, reflexologist, facialist & energy worker, she also runs Etain Skin Clinic & Hair Salon in Perth.