I have been a part of the beauty, spa and complementary therapy industry for over 15 years, and moved from the UK to Australia in 2004.

Originally teaching LaStone Therapy in the Uk, I started the Original LaStone Therapy Australia in 2004 and went on to teach for the International Dermal Institute and many other major Spa and Beauty companies.

Having a teaching role in the industry allowed me to meet some of the most wonderful people and learn so much, I have always felt that knowledge is one of the greatest gifts anyone can share with you and in this industry, there is always more to learn. Throughout my journey so far, I have always believed that beauty truly comes from within, this is why I try to continue to expand my knowledge each & every year reaching where I am now.

I’ve reached the stage where there is a new need for me to chat with you & share my knowledge, ideas, suggestions & passion for beauty, health, spa & wellness.

Do I proclaim to be a wellness advocate, definitely not, I just want to have an outlet for me & if you gain some knowledge or benefit from it, that’s all well & good.

I hope you enjoy & learn from what I write & will share with me your thoughts & most importantly your knowledge.

Georgie xx